Unused Batman v Superman Posters that Catch the Eyes
Spider-Man Merchandise and Homecoming Characters, Suit Mod and More!
Second Star Trek Beyond Trailer and Official Poster is Here
X-Men Apocalypse ET Covers and Jubilee 80’s Commercial for the Gifted

DC Films Producer Steps Down from DCEU Producer After Batman v Superman Reception

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DCEU Producer Steps Down from DCEU Producer… by filmjunkeeWarner Bros. and DC are doing for more rearranging for their DC Films by putting Charles Roven who was once the producer for all the DC Films, to executive producer of some of Continue reading

‘Give Captain America a Boyfriend’ is Actually a Thing

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The hashtag #GiveCaptainAmericaaBoyfriend has been floating around all day and we can all agree it’s just another stupid campaign. People want Captain America to have a boyfriend and they want that boyfriend to be Bucky. I think we can all Continue reading

Shazam! Producer Gives an Update on the Movie’s Progress

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Shazam! Producer Gives an Update on the Movie's… by filmjunkee There hasn’t been much Shazam! updates when it comes to the DCEU movies. Many have asked me whether or not the movie was still happening, and I didn’t have an Continue reading

New Independence Day Resurgence Collector’s Cover and 5-Minute Trailer


New Independence Day Resurgence Collector's… by filmjunkee Empire Magazine has a new collector’s cover issue for Independence Day Resurgence. It’s a lot better than the cover with Jeff Goldblum they released last week, that’s for sure. There’s some images you Continue reading

Batman Character Interaction in Suicide Squad [RUMOR]

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Batman Character Interaction in Suicide Squad… by filmjunkee Batman-News got some info on who Batman interacts with in Suicide Squad which will give you a nerd boner, but it is also fairly obvious. Minor spoilers here, as they gave info Continue reading

First Beauty and the Beast Teaser Trailer is Here

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The teaser trailer for next year’s live-action Beauty and the Beast has arrived. The movie stars Emma Watson as Belle and has a pretty star-studded cast that includes, Ewan McGregor, Emma Thompson, and Ian McKellan. You don’t see much in Continue reading

New Suicide Squad Calendar Images and Pre-Order


New Suicide Squad Calendar Images and Pre-Order by filmjunkee You can order the new Suicide Squad calendar provided in the link below, or you can just look at these images that surfaced on the internet. We see our favorite characters Continue reading

Captain America Civil War Dethroned and X-Men Apocalypse Starts Strong Internationally – Box Office

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Captain America Civil War hits second place this weekend giving the box office mantle to The Angry Birds Movie. Civil War still passed the $1 billion mark internationally bringing Marvel Studios its 4th billion dollar movie. X-Men Apocalypse made $103.3 million Continue reading

Possible First Suicide Squad Reactions from Early Screening

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Possible First Suicide Squad Reactions from… by filmjunkee Apparently Warner Bros. held a test screening for Suicide Squad a couple days ago, and being that it is 2016 those lucky enough to attend the screening posted their reactions to it. Continue reading

Unused Batman v Superman Posters that Catch the Eyes

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Unused Batman v Superman Posters that Catch the… by filmjunkee Unused Batman v Superman character posters have been revealed, and of course, I want them on my wall. These weren’t used in the promo campaign, which is fine, we can Continue reading