Robert Downey Jr. Teases Captain America 3′s Magnitude [Video]


You have probably no doubt heard, that instead of us getting Iron Man 4, Marvel has decided to bring Iron Man/Tony Stark to Captain America 3 that will kick off the Marvel Civil War series. It has yet to become Continue reading

‘Fury’ Tries to Bring Down Gone Girl and Cheesy Love Stories – Box Office


Brad Pitt takes on Nazis once again, this time in a more serious manner. Fury hits the box office, that brings another gruesome tale from writer/director David Ayer. He is successful once again, and Fury wins the box office with Continue reading

WB Announces Official Justice League Movie Universe Roadmap!


Wow. WB and DC decided to blow our nerd balls today, and announce all those Justice League Universe movies they had dates for. Who knew today was going to be the day, but I’m glad it is. Here is what Continue reading

MASSIVE Star Wars 7 Concept Art Leak Brings a TON of Images!


Late nights mean BIG LEAKS. Apparently someone leaked out a butt ton of concept art for Star Wars 7, and they are so beautiful. Jedis, aliens, characters, the Millennium Falcon, Chewbacca, so many images to look at folks. Check them Continue reading

Did Gone Girl Hold off The Judge and Dracula? – Box Office


The buzz for Gone Girl definitely helped the movie win its second box office, even though four new movies were released this weekend. It took the number one spot with $26.8 million, edging out Dracula which came in second place. Continue reading

Official Dancing Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Set for December Retail


How did James Gunn perfectly end Guardians of the Galaxy? SPOILER ALERT: take the lovable character that is Groot, who sacrificed himself for the team, stick him in a pot, and have him dance to some Jackson 5 in baby Continue reading

Brainiac the Main Villain in Justice League Movie?!


When comes to trying to figure out who the main villain in Batman v Superman, there have been a short list of players thrown out there. Doomsday, Brainiac, Lobo, etc. We know that Lex Luthor will be present in BvS, Continue reading

Check Out the New Teaser for Tomorrowland Starring George Clooney


Disney scored big time when bringing their classic ride, Pirates of the Caribbean, to the big screen. They tried again with The Haunted Mansion, starring Eddie Murphy, but we can all agree it was stinky cheese. Now they have decided Continue reading