Superman Turned Sith?! Avengers 2 and Ant-Man Get New Posters!


What a day my film friends. Wasn’t expecting all this Comic Con goodness to come out on the first day, but I’m glad it happened. The Ben Affleck Batsuit has been the talk of the Con, and I still can’t Continue reading

Ben Affleck Batsuit Spotted at Comic Con?!


Well here’s something none of us expected. The Ben Affleck Batsuit has seemed to have made an appearance at Comic Con! At least that is what it is looking like. As you can see from the image above, the cape Continue reading

Ben Affleck Batsuit in Color! Unofficial Image from Batman’s Evolution!


Happy Batman Day my friends! And with Batman Day comes an awesome image that you see above, that is an UNOFFICIAL image of the Ben Affleck Batsuit. Yes sadly, it isn’t the real thing, but it looks damn near close Continue reading

Robert Downey Jr. Looking Towards Iron Man 4


Last year, we got word that Robert Downey Jr. might be hanging up his iron suit, at least for any Iron Man standalone movies. He was the last one to sign on for Avengers 2 and 3, and after that Continue reading

Kevin Feige Talks the Future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe


Kevin Feige is no stranger to teasing us with information about Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, and even though we hate the teasing, we also love it very much. And even though I am sure he was one of the a-holes behind Continue reading

Dwayne Johnson Confirms Shazam Role?!


We finally might have our answer on the whole, who is Dwayne Johnson playing in the DC Universe. In the video below, Total Film, while interviewing Johnson about Hercules, snuck in the question of who Johnson wants to play in Continue reading

New X-Wing from Star Wars: Episode VII Shown in New Video by J.J. Abrams


Star Wars: Episode VII is currently in production at the moment, but the production still wants your help for their “Star Wars: Force of Change” campaign to support the United Nations Children’s Fund’s Innovations Labs and programs. They have already Continue reading

Did the Apes Survive Three New Movies? – Box Office


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has been probably deemed the best movie of the Summer by critics and audiences, yet it made less than that popcorn robot movie. It’s an injustice, but that is just the way it Continue reading

The Purge: Anarchy – Film Review


The Purge: Anarchy sees the second take on the pretty original concept of human beings being able to cleanse their souls, by wreaking havoc on the world, and maybe killing somebody. In the first movie, we got an extremely unoriginal Continue reading