Two Possible Titles for Star Wars Episode VII?


Before the Disney buyout, George Lucas spent a year trying to put the pieces together for a whole new Star Wars series. Obviously in that amount of time he came up with some kind of working titles for the three new movies. Everyone has been trying to guess what the new title will be for Episode VII, and it looks like it might be down to two.

Return Of The Sith, and Rise OF The Jedi, are to two working titles that are being thrown around. People are favoring Rise Of The Jedi more than Return Of The Sith, simply because the Sith title sounds too much like Episode III’s title. Rise Of The Jedi would stipulate that the story continues with Luke trying restore balance to the force, but we have heard many rumors about the story focusing on his kids. The teaser trailer featuring Luke might debut this weekend at NYCC, so once it does, we will get our title. That is even if it does, which I am constantly looking out for.

Source: Movieweb

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