Nov 05

Lionsgate Wants Jigsaw to Return for Saw VIII


Here is something I was not expecting, but it really does not surprise me. Seems that Lionsgate is currently in development for a brand new Saw sequel. The movie that paved the way for low-budget horror romps will reach to its 8th installment. There was a rumor that Lionsgate was looking to just reboot the entire concept of the Jigsaw character, but it now seems that they decided on doing a full on sequel instead. Just what else can they do?

Now I am a fan of the Saw movies, but let’s face it; they probably should have stopped at three. The first three movies went together¬† nicely, but that did not stop Lionsgate to keep pushing for more sequels, and to have them come out a year apart from each other. Saw 3D: The Final Chapter was of course supposed to be “the final chapter” in this story, and it came out three years ago if you can believe that. The new sequel could be somewhat successful given the three-year gap we have had from those dreadful mind games. The development of this project is apparently in full effect, so be prepared to seeing that creepy doll riding that little tricycle once again.

Source: Movieweb

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