Nov 08

Batman Vs. Superman Leaked Costume Artwork Concepts?


Tomorrow at 9:00 AM PST, Kevin Smith will host the live Man Of Steel Fan event on Yahoo where fans get to ask questions to Zack Snyder, Henry Cavill, and Amy Adams regarding the Man Of Steel. Now you know that Kevin Smith is a die hard Batman fan, so you can gather that he will try to sneak in some questions about Batman Vs. Superman in there at some point. Well it turns out that we might get even more than that. Here is a quote from Smith talking about tomorrow’s event:

So it’s an hour long, it’s free, it’s on the Internet, but it’s just kind of to be like ‘Hey, Man of Steel is coming out!’ But there are¬†two things: there might be announcements during this show and the one thing I do know is there’s artwork going to be on this show that may or may not have something to do with a movie that’s coming up.

If that did not get you excited, you are not a nerd like I am, because that sounds like Christmas. Now this artwork might be the supposed artwork you see above that depicts Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and even Batgirl costume concepts. This could confirm that Wonder Woman will in fact be in the new movie, but Batgirl? Might be a little bit much.

The artist behind these designs goes be the name Jock, and Jock posted these images on his Twitter account yesterday, stating that he is working on a “WB project”. He then came out today stating that the images were not from Batman Vs. Superman, but obviously he is going to do that to cover his ass. I guess we will find out tomorrow during the event, which if you guys would be so kind, vote for my character Casual Batman’s question to be used. Link to the voting area is below, and check out the quick question he has for the crew.

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