Jan 13

Batman Vs. Superman Codename Revealed and Possible Spoiler


The Batman Vs. Superman rumor has been spinning so fast, it could honestly generate enough energy to feed power to the world. Luckily within all these casting and story rumors, we might finally have some true information from the highly anticipated superhero match up. Seems that the official Man of Steel fan page has uncovered the codename Warner Bros. is using for Batman Vs. Superman, and that codename is Sage and Milo.


The image you see here shows director Zack Snyder’s name with this S & M logo. You can see the logo showing what looks like a bat, and the S & M apparently stands for Superman. Pretty legit right there folks, and now we get to the spoiler. DO NOT READ ON IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW. You’ve been warned…although it is not much of a spoiler.

The fan page then had uncovered certain schematics from different locations. First location being the Endeavor spaceship. Second location would be of a Capital building of some sort. Third location is where they are claiming “spoiler” for the flick. The third location comes from LexCorp Cybernetics Division. Now obviously this officially confirms Lex Luthor to be a primary villain in Batman Vs. Superman, but I think we all knew that was going to happen. But then you got to look at the word “cybernetics”. Does this mean Cyborg will show up? Possibly Brainiac? Who knows, but we know LexCorp has key role in the next movie, because if you head over to www.LearnAboutKrypton.com, there are many videos with schematics that are presented by LexCorp.

So we know the codename is definitely legit from the image taken, and we know there might be some LexCorp cybernetics playing a role in the new flick as well. There is actually more speculation about about this movie as well as more movies in this DC universe, that I will post later after reading it all. Let me know what your thoughts are about this in the meantime.

Source: Man of Steel Fan Page

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