Jan 14

Batman Vs. Superman and Justice League Shooting Back to Back?


With all the casting rumors surrounding Batman Vs. Superman, many were thinking that the movie was just going to end up being the Justice League movie. With the addition of Wonder Woman, and rumors that other players of the league would make an appearance, us nerds were getting worried that too much was going on in this film, when I we really want to see is Batman and Superman go head to head. Well a new report suggests that maybe all these casting rumors have to do with the fact that Warner Bros. and DC are planning on shooting Batman Vs. Superman and the Justice League movie back to back.

A lot of this stems from Dwayne Johnson’s vague tweet about meeting with Warner Bros. and DC for a future project. Given Johnson’s physical attributes, he could pretty much play a couple of the heroes, or even play one of the menacing villains. This reliable source that is getting this info out there is suggesting that the mystery DC project Johnson is going to be in is in fact the Justice League movie. The report then mentions they plan on shooting both movies back to back, which has worked pretty well with big franchises, such as Lord of the Ring and The Matrix. This would mean that we would most likely get that Justice League movie come 2016.

Back to those pesky casting rumors, Jason Momoa has shot down rumors of having any ties with any of these movies. So with that being shot down, a new rumor surfaced suggesting that Aquaman will show up in Batman Vs. Superman, and that Lost star Josh Holloway was being looked at for that role.

Rumors for these movies are going to continue to surface out of this world of DC, and it can get annoying, but it can also be exciting. Any more info I can find about any of this I will let you guys know.

Source: Latino Review

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