Jan 29

Four New Images from X-Men: Days of Future Past Surface from Empire Magazine


Empire Magazine might as well be called X-Men Magazine, given the past couple days they have been releasing a slew of X-Men: Days of Future Past images. On Monday, we got ourselves 25 different magazine covers showing us a different mutant on each cover. Today we get four images from tomorrow’s issue, showing us some of the characters in various spots of the flick.

The Wolverine image shows his bone claws, instead the adamantium claws. We all know the reason for that is from what happened at the end of The Wolverine. Never was a fan of the bone claws so I am hoping they bring back the metal claws, just because the ambience of them tearing through his knuckles is just fantastic.

X-Men: days of Future Past will hit theaters on May 23rd, so if any more images surface, I will post them up.

Source: Comingsoon.net

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