No Independence Day 2 for Will Smith


When Independence Day 2 was officially announced, two out of the three main stars signed on to return. Those two were of course Bill Pullman and Jeff Goldblum, and Will Smith returning for the long awaited sequel was still up on the air. Since Mr. Smith was still not confirming that he will return for the new movie, writer James Vanderbilt wrote two versions of the script. A script centering around Smith’s character, Steven Hiller, and a script that doesn’t have him in it. Well it seems that Will Smith has confirmed he will not be returning to fight aliens once again.

Smith informed 20th Century Fox that he won’t be coming back from the sequel, but apparently he didn’t give the word to director Roland Emmerich. So this could very well change, but come on: it’s Will Smith. I can’t see him and his ego returning. It was also reported that actor, Michael B. Jordan, was being sought out to play Dylan Dubrow, who was Vivica A. Fox’s character’s son in the original movie.

Independence Day 2 is set to hit theaters July 1st, 2016. How do you think the movie will be with no Will Smith?

Source: Movieweb

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