Feb 10

Watch News Anchor Sam Rubin Confuse Samuel L. Jackson with Laurence Fishburne [Video]


This video makes me happy, and you know why? Well for starters, I live close to LA, so when I am watching re-runs of Family Guy and Two and a Half Men on KTLA Channel 5, I see these dreadful commercials for the KTLA Morning Show. They have this “entertainment” news anchor named Sam Rubin, and he just screams fake douche bag. When I see his face and hear his voice, I think to myself, “he’s the one reviewing movies and letting people know what to see?” But he also reports all the celebrity gossip trash which fits his persona.

So today Rubin had the jaunting task to interview Samuel L. Jackson about the RoboCop remake, and the first question Rubin asks is about the Super Bowl commercial he was in. Sam Jackson immediately responds with how he wasn’t in one, but Laurence Fishburne was. He was talking about the Kia commercial where Fishburne reprised his role of Morpheus from The Matrix. It’s pretty hilarious how Sam Jackson responds, and how he doesn’t let it down. He basically makes Rubin look like a racist prick, which Rubin had it coming, given he is the Entertainment reporter and got SAM JACKSON confused with another actor.

Rubin issued an apology but being the pompous prude that he is, he also said he meant the Captain America 2 TV spot. You’re not fooling anyone Rubin. Check out the awkward video below, and laugh it at it please.


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