Michael B. Jordan Talks Fantastic Four Reboot Backlash [Video]


Glad to see some of the backlash has been lifted off of Batman Vs. Superman. With the Fantastic Four reboot cast being announced, all of us kind of scratched our heads at the acting choices. I think Kate Mara cast as Sue Storm was the only one that felt right, and the biggest question mark was the fact they cast Michael B. Jordan as the Human Torch. Changing the race to a popular superhero is quite ballzy, and the internet blew up  enraged just like it always does.

TMZ posted a video of paparazzi following Jordan, and asking him if it hurt his feelings about the backlash of him cast in the movie. He said the absolute perfect answer to that stupid question:

Nah, they’re still going to go see it anyway!¬†

Exactly! Just like what Kevin Smith said about Batman Vs. Superman. All the whiners out there complaining about Batfleck, are still going to see the movie, no matter what they say. As bold as this casting choice is, Jordan has shown his acting chops, and has a long career in the biz. If you want to hear him answer that question perfectly, and quickly, check out the video below.

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