Ben Affleck Batsuit Reveal Delayed!! Guardians of the Galaxy Madness!


Let’s talk some movies guys. Yes sadly, the Ben Affleck batsuit has been delayed for us to see it in all its glory, but we must be patient even though I want to weep. Lots of Guardians of the Galaxy stuff happened last week. The buzz around this movie has heightened, and I am hoping it won’t disappoint. Enjoy the show!

Movie News
Ben Affleck batsuit reveal delayed
Cyborg being cast for Batman Vs. Superman?
Guardians of the Galaxy character videos
Green Goblin image
Fantastic Four cast announced
Godzilla poster
New Godzilla trailer
Jai Courtney cast as Kyle Reese in Terminator
Seth Rogen to helm Console Wars
Harold Ramis dead at 69

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