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Cast and Directors of Captain America 2 Talk Batman Vs. Superman Showdown. Shots Fired! [Video]


Never did I ever think I would hate on the one and only Samuel L. Jackson, but guys…I am right now. The Batman Vs. Superman and Captain America 3 showdown is still the event two years in the making. That is plenty of time for one of these studios to back out of the May 6th, 2016 date. After the premiere of Captain America: The Winter Soldier in the UK, they held a press conference with the directors and cast, and someone asked the pressing question about this showdown. Some didn’t chime in. Some answered like intelligent level headed human begins. And some sadly answered with ridiculous arrogance.

Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, and Sebastian Stan remain quiet and just kind of uncomfortably laugh when the question is being answered. Director brothers Anthony and Joe Russo take the level headed approach of just stating they just want to make the best movie possible. Sam Jackson and Anthony Mackie on the other hand, think that there is no contest.

There’s Marvel where you have heroes, and there’s DC where you have interesting bad guys.

That was said by Sam Jackson. And all I can say is wow. The Batman and Superman symbol is in the top 3 most recognizable symbols. I will agree with him in the interesting bad guys portion, because BATMAN HAS THE BEST VILLAINS OUT OF ANY SUPERHERO. No contest there, but to think Captain America is a more popular superhero than Batman and Superman, is a level of arrogance that I can’t even fathom. It’s understandable that he feels this way because he is part of the Marvel universe, but to belt it out like that just made me cringe. Then you got Anthony Mackie, who starts belting out nonsense through his microphone, as if the three characters are about to duke it out right then and there in a street fight. He sounds like an absolute idiot and it really makes me want to punch him in the face…repeatedly.

So check out the video below to see it all being said. I still think one of these studios are going to back out, but if it does happen, there is no way the weakest character out of the 4 main Avengers is going to beat out Batman and Superman. End rant.


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    • David Kinney on September 14, 2014 at 6:16 am
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    Marvel destroys itself by degrees weekly.In the 70’s YES the house of Ideas. It seems like 80% of the decisions now days are horrible. DC rocks it ALL the time. They Re Boot -Marvel reboots. Supes -batman die…Marvel kills off who ever and turns Thor tranny.They are SO worried about being PC they have trashed the line.Batman in my opinion always HAS and WILL rule supreme. The Joker? c’mon! Who WHO can top him? Lame ass red skull? Friggin MODOK? Gimmie a break. This incarnation of Supes is NOT THAT great.Still better than most of marvel’s CRAP.Why bother with a Cap 3? Falcon is now Cap.Thor is a girl.Wolverine is DEAD. Whatta company…..

    • Jexx on November 10, 2014 at 11:04 am
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    Lol, Captain America 3 will probably beat out Bats vs Supes.

    Captain America is actually cool, who wants to see Broody Hero #1 fight Broody Hero #2.

    DC isn’t doing so well in the superhero movies race.

    • Adam on April 18, 2015 at 5:14 pm
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    Two years later, so you probably know DC blinked.


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