Check Out the Final X-Men: Days of Future Past Trailer


This is it folks. The final X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer is here, and I think it’s my favorite one out of all of them. With the other trailers, they seemed to jumble a bunch of scenes together to capture the magnitude of the flick. With this one you get a more character driven look at the new movie. Mainly it centers around Wolverine of course, as he approaches young Professor X to get him to fight in the war that is coming. He then gathers Mystique, Beast, and then they have to break Magento out of a little prison located beneath the Pentagon. We finally get our first real look at Quicksilver in action, as he will be the key player in breaking Magneto out of his prison. So check it out my friends, and try not to blow your nerd load all over your keyboard.

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