Did the X-Men Open Better than the Other Superheroes? – Box Office


Happy Memorial Day friends, time to see how those movies did this weekend. No doubt, you knew that X-Men: Days of Future Past would dominate this weekend’s box office, but did it do better than the other superheroes, Spider-Man and Captain America, in it’s opening weekend. Technically no. $91.4  is what it made in the normal weekend stretch, which is a couple million less than Spidey and Cappy. Overall, it pulled in $111 in the extended weekend, which is the fifth highest Memorial Day weekend opening gross of all-time.

  1. X-Men: Days of Future Past                        $111 million/$111 million
  2. Godzilla                                                       $39.4 million/$156.8 million
  3. Blended                                                       $18.1 million/$18.1 million
  4. Neighbors                                                    $17.2 million/$116.9 million
  5. Amazing Spider-Man 2                                $10 million/$187.1 million
  6. Million Dollar Arm                                         $8.7 million/$22.2 million
  7. The Other Woman                                      $4.5 million/$78.6 million
  8. Rio 2                                                            $3.3 million/$122.3 million
  9. Chef                                                             $2.9 million/$4.2 million
  10. Heaven is for Real                                       $2.8 million/$86.5 million

Let me know what you guys saw this weekend and what you thought about it.

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