May 30

Josh Brolin Cast to Voice Thanos!


We have our Thanos my friends. At the end of Avengers, there was that lovely secret scene that Avenger comic book fans got tickled by, when that face you see above turned around with a smile. Everyone then assumed that Thanos would be the next villian in the Avenger saga, but turns out, we probably won’t see him take on the team until the third movie. Well turns out the mega-villian is going to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy, and Josh Brolin has been cast to lend his manly voice for the role according to Latino-Review.

An article on James Gunn’s post-production process reported a scene with Thanos on a rocket throne in Act 3, which suggests an appearance long enough that someone is going to have to voice the Mad Titan, someone that could take the part into Avengers 3 as a major villain. 

That meant Marvel was looking for an actor of some caliber, someone that could give a performance to a very complex, but very purple-skinned alien villain.

Our sources tell us that person is JOSH BROLIN!!

He’ll be providing the voice of Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy and with a name and reputation like that, it’s likely he’ll join James Spader and Tom Hiddleston as actors who have tried to kill The Avengers.

Now, many other sites out there have titled this news, “Josh Brolin Cast as Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy.” What I don’t get is that we all know that when actors sign on for these big comic book movie roles, it is not just for one movie. Obviously having a well known name like Brolin signing on for this role means he will lend the voice for Thanos in the third (possibly second) Avengers movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy hits theater on August 1st, so let me know what you think about Josh Brolin supplying his voice for Thanos.


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