Jun 07

Ant-Man Gets its New Director and Writer!


Well here is the news I did not want to post. I wanted to post, “Edgar Wright Back Aboard Ant-Man!” Sadly not the case, so now I must tell you about the director that will be brought onboard to take on Ant-Man. Peyton Reed, who has directed such comedies as Yes Man and…BRING IT ON, has jumped on aboard the Ant_man train…wreck. Adam Mckay who was once asked to direct the Marvel movie, has been brought on to help rewrite the script. The script that didn’t need to be rewritten.

Even Michael Douglas, who was cast to play Henry Pym in Ant-Man, expressed his disappointment in a recent interview where he was asked about Edgar Wright’s departure. Don’t blame him, because Wright has a very unique style, and any actor would love to be a part of it.

I once was looking forward to this movie, even more than Avengers 2, but now I just think Marvel Studios has shot themselves in the foot. They hired on a comedy director, to direct a superhero blockbuster. Now, maybe lightening will strike twice for Marvel again in Iron Man fashion, given that Jon Favreau took on the task to bring Iron Man to the big screen, which resulted in the Marvel Universe we are all loving. Time will tell, so let me know your thoughts about this director choice.

Source: Screenrant

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