Jun 12

New Leak Gives the List of Seven DC Superhero Movies Slated through 2018


Rumors. I am not a fan. I quit posting all the ridiculous casting rumors when it came to the casting of characters in the DC Universe. Today though, new rumors came out of the DC Universe/Warner Bros. world, and it got me just a little excited.

We recently heard that DC and Warner Bros. had nine movies planned already for their universe, but no one really new which heroes were getting their very own movies. Nikkifinke.com came out of the internet wood-works today, and let everyone know that DC is planning on announcing seven movies to expand their universe at this year’s Comic Con. Some are random. Some sound fantastic.

We all know Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is set for May 6th, 2016, but according to Finke, a Shazam standalone movie will follow after. Very random since we haven’t heard anything about a Shazam movie, and that movie will be followed by Sandman starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. We then get to 2017, where Justice League will land in May, Wonder Woman movie in July, and a Green Lantern/Flash team up movie in December. I love the idea for the team up movie, especially with those two characters. To round out the list, a straight Man of Steel sequel will then land some time in 2018.

Finke also let everyone know that there will be appearance by Green Lantern and Flash in Batman v. Superman, and that Aquaman will make his first appearance in the Justice League movie. Pretty interesting, but again, this is just rumors. I don’t know how reliable a source Finke is, but to me, Wonder Woman solo movie makes sense, and the Lantern/Flash movie sounds like a great idea. Let me know what you think about the DC Universe movie list.

Source: Comingsoon.net

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