22 Jump Street – Film Review


22 Jump Street sees our favorite couple of dicks, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum,  as they embark on another undercover mission that involves drugs making its way through a campus. This time though, they are in college, and they must do THE SAME EXACT THING AS THEY DID THE FIRST TIME. That is pretty much the plot right there, and they stress that plot point throughout the movie.

I enjoyed the hell out of 22 Jump Street, and I knew I would, because somehow these two directors, Chris Miller and Phil Lord, wrote a hilarious script that was 21 Jump Street, and then cast two completely opposite actors, and caught lightning in a bottle. The chemistry between Tatum and Hill is perfect, and you can tell these guys had such a great time with this movie. The dialogue these two spit out at each other will have you chuckling throughout the entire flick. Tatum again will surprise you on just how good his comedy chops are. Who would’ve thought that the guy who played in Step Up and Fighting could be so funny?

The supporting cast also brings their comedy A-game as well, Ice Cube and Jillian Bell especially. Ice Cube has a very memorable scene in this movie, and I think it is the funniest I’ve seen him. Jillian Bell brings her brand of humor that matches wits with Hill, and it works greatly.

If you were a fan of the first movie, you will be a fan of this one as well. I can’t decide which one is better honestly, so I just might have to watch the first movie again to determine that. Check out my video review below to hear me say all these things that I am writing. Let me know if you saw the movie as well, and what you thought about it

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