Superman Turned Sith?! Avengers 2 and Ant-Man Get New Posters!


What a day my film friends. Wasn’t expecting all this Comic Con goodness to come out on the first day, but I’m glad it happened. The Ben Affleck Batsuit has been the talk of the Con, and I still can’t believe they just displayed the cowl and cape like that. Speculation also made it seem like it was going to be a blue and grey scheme, but I guess they threw us off that scent. Superman poses in a very Sith-like manner, which I think was a poke to from Zack Snyder to Abrams. The Avengers get a couple concept posters, and Ant-Man gets its official poster. What will tomorrow bring? Check out the video, and also check out the rest of what today brought.

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Batsuit render in Color
Batsuit spotted at Comic Con

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