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Guardians of the Galaxy – Film Review


Guardians of the Galaxy further expands the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the cosmos, as you get a new group of bandits teaming up to take on the villain Ronan. Peter Quill ( Star Lord) is a Han Solo-like character, just scavenging for whatever he can sell to the highest bidder; but then finds himself in the clutches of another Infinity Gem, he must get it into the right hands to secure it from all evil in the galaxy. He then teams up with an assassin (Gamora), a crazy meat head (Drax), a talking tree (Groot), and a wise-cracking, gun-totting raccoon (Rocket). Together they must put their petty differences aside to make sure Ronan doesn’t use the Infinity Stone for evil.

I loved this movie, which shouldn’t be much of a shock given the buzz surrounding the flick. This movie was a pretty big risk for Marvel, but I think they achieved another winner, and boy was that a relief. Guardians of the Galaxy basically combines Star Wars and Star Trek together, with a pinch of FireFly on top. The special effects were beautiful, and given that the movie doesn’t really take place on Earth at all, expect a lot of gorgeous scenery throughout the movie.

Chris Pratt was the perfect choice as Star Lord to lead this team of bandits, with witty one-liners, but able to get shit done when he needs to. Zoe Saldana will make you want to think bad thoughts about green girls, because she kicks all kinds of ass, and the chemistry between her and Pratt works very well. Some have given Dave Bautista a little heat for his poor acting chops, but I honestly didn’t think it was that bad, and it worked for the character. Groot was so lovable you wanted to hug him throughout the movie, even if that meant ending up with a bunch of splinters in your skin. But the real scene stealer was Rocket, voiced by Cooper, and the lines coming out of his mouth will have you chuckling. Between him and Pratt, you will not be short of laughs.

The common complaint about Guardians, is the villain Ronan. It comes off kind of weak, but I think that mainly has to do with Tom Hiddleston’s Loki being so good. No villain in the Marvel universe has compared to him quite yet, so really that is the only weak link in the movie.

Even if you aren’t a superhero film lover, you still might enjoy this movie. If you love sci-fi, space adventures, Guardians of the Galaxy is one to check out. Watch my video below to hear ramble on about how I Enjoyed the movie. Let me know what you thought about it.

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