Aug 04

Sony Plans Female Lead Spider-Man Spin Off and Venom Movie Release Date


One concern DC and the three Marvels have in their cinematic universes, is the fact that there needs to be more female leads in their superhero movies. Why? Because people like to complain.The Disney Marvel universe was hoping to get theirs out very soon, but now it looks like that could take longer to happen. DC is rumored to have a Wonder Woman solo movie some time in the next couple years, but then we get to the Sony Marvel franchise, Spider-Man, and they seem to be planning a new Female-led spin off.

Sony has hired on writer Lisa Joy Nolan (Burn Notice) to get a script going for this movie, and all fingers point to Black Cat given the alter ego of the character was in Amazing Spider-Man 2. Very well could be someone else, it just makes sense since they somewhat established the character already.

The Venom movie was also talked about today, and the title thrown out there was “Venom Carnage”. That indicates that we might be getting Carnage in the Venom movie as well, which should get fans pretty excited. 2017 might be the year when that movie will hit the big screen, so now we have Sinister Six for 2016, this female title and Venom movie for 2017, and Amazing Spider-Man 3 for 2018. Sony is is very busy trying to keep their franchise alive given the mixed reviews of Spidey 2. let me know your thoughts about this.


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