Sep 15

Possible Man of Steel 2 Plot Details and Characters!

Possible Man of Steel 2 Plot Details and… by filmjunkee
What is happening with Man of Steel 2? The whole “permanent hold” extravaganza was obviously a farce, and now new rumors for the Man of Steel sequel have come about. According to Heroic Hollywood, Man of Steel 2’s villain will in fact be Brainiac. There were rumors that Brainiac was going to be the main baddie for Justice League part 1, but let’s not rule that out. Superman’s cousin, Kara (Supergirl) also is rumored to make an appearance in the sequel. There was a prequel comicbook that came out with Man of Steel that was the story of Kara, and in the ship Clark was roaming around in showed an open empty capsule. It makes snese, right?

Brainiac apparently also wants the genetic codex that Zod wanted, which is mapped on Supe’s biological makeup, and it’s also rumored that Brainiac creates Bizarro to go after Kara. It sounds like a good plot, but I was still hoping for the Death of Superman story with Doomsday.

Source: Heroic Hollywood

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