Sep 16

Josh Brolin Talks About Not Taking Batman Role and Batfleck

If you guys were unaware, Josh Brolin was actually offered the role for Batman in Batman v Superman before Ben Affleck, but he decided to turn it done. I guess Thanos sounded much better. Motion and voice capture against wearing a heavy batsuit? Makes sense even though I would gladly wear that suit. Brolin currently was at the Toronto Film Festival promting his movie Sicario, when he was asked if there was any jealousy towards Affleck’s Batman. Brolin is a class act, and he is just as anxious to see it as we are.

I don’t have that thing, I wish I did. It would just be more interesting and more competitive, damn him. As much as you guys want to be pissed off, be pissed off, it’s all good. Start a f–king riot. I’m really curious [to see] what he does. Beyond curious.

Source: CBM

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