Sep 24

Hugh Jackman Suggests Tom Hardy to Take Over Wolverine. Sign Me Up…

Hugh Jackman knows what we want guys. Well, we don’t want him to hang up his Wolverine claws, but given that these meat suits decay over time, he must hand the claws down to another.

Who does he want? Tom frickin Hardy. It’s like he reached into my brain and new I would be okay with that. That WE would be okay with that. If you don’t think Hardy could pull it off give me your nerd card. Not only is he a phenomenal badass actor, he fits the look. Almost more than Jackman. Wolverine is actually a short dude in the books, but since Jackman gave such a grea performance as the beserker, it was accepted that Wolverine was tall. Hardy is 5’8″ which is actually still taller than Wolverine in the books, but bring it on. Let’s see if he is down for it.

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