Jan 06

Han Solo Star Wars Prequel Timeline Revealed

Han Solo Star Wars Prequel Timeline Revealed by filmjunkee

The Han Solo Star Wars movie hits theaters sometime in 2018, but everyone is wondering just how much of an origin we will get for the Solo. Writer Lawrence Kasdan chimed in on the timeline for the Han Solo flick, and it looks like it will be taking place 10 years before A New Hope.

[The film]  will not be, “Here’s where he was born and this is how he was raised.” I think what it will be is what was he like 10 years earlier [than A New Hope]—maybe a little earlier, you’ll get a glimpse. But Kurosawa once said the heroes are the ones that are still changing and the villains are locked and petrified into what they are, and Harrison embodies in Force Awakens someone who is still not settled on who he is.

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