Jan 25

Wonder Woman’s Age Revealed in Batman v Superman Empire Magazine Issue

Wonder Woman’s Age Revealed in Batman v… by filmjunkee

The Batman v Superman goodies from the latest Empire Magazine issue keep coming, and this time we have the Snyders talking about Wonder Woman. It is also revealed that she is 5,000 years old when we meet her in Batman v Superman, and has long since picked up the shield and sword.


It was incredibly organic how Wonder Woman came into the story. The whole concept came of, ‘Let’s not save anything. Let’s try it all.’ Then Wonder Woman’s entrance made us realise we were much closer to the Justice League than we thought. We realised we were one movie away. She’s seen it all, she has seen what humans can do, so it was very hard for her to come back and fight. They have the same attitude. Although when she is Diana she tries to blend in, she is not too outgoing. I don’t want people to think she is perfect. She can be naughty.


Her sexuality is part of her power, but she is also a feminist icon. Gender has been a hot topic, so it is very timely to bring her back. The way we have approached it, especially in the stand alone movie, that is definitely there. Looking back and doing an origin story – and it is a period piece – see the role of women through history. There is a great source of humour in that now. It is so unbelievable you can’t even fathom it. You are still making a statement, but having some fun with it.

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