Dan Amboyer Continues Teasing Green Lantern and Zack Snyder Talks Christian Bale

Dan Amboyer Continues Teasing Green Lantern and… by filmjunkee

Dan Amboyer continues to tease that he is Green Lantern in the DCEU. He’s doing the same thing Jason Momoa did before it was officially announced that he is playing Aquaman. These actors are having fun.

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Zack Snyder talked about bringing Christian Bale to this new DCEU. Not for Batman of course.

This is a total and opposite reality from the Chris Nolan movies. It’s another universe, so we couldn’t hire Christian Bale if we wanted to, because he doesn’t exist in our world. Maybe we could hire him to play another part. We did talk about that briefly. I just wanted to hire Christian to play another part to make that obvious. Christian could play, like, Alfred with age makeup. No! Of course not. But you know what I mean. Even people at the studio would say, ‘Who are you getting from the other movies?’ And I was like, ‘Hey, come on guys, let’s all understand, it’s a different world.’ In the Batman universe that Chris Nolan created, Superman would have a hard time existing. That that’s why we did a reboot on the universe, so we could allow these characters to exist together. We needed to do that to have Batman exist in this world.

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