DCEU Director’s Conflict Update that is Both Good and Bad for Warner Bros.

DCEU Director's Conflict Update that is Both… by filmjunkee

What is going on over there at Warner Bros.? A lot of info has surfaced about the directors of the DCEU projects that is both good and bad. Let’s start with the good.

The solo Batman movie is a movie a lot of us are looking forward to the most. According to Heroic Hollywood, the solo Batman movie will have Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns be in charge of the whole thing. “Complete creative control” were the words spoken, which warms our hearts. There is also talk from Heroic Hollywood that George Miller is being eyed for Green Lantern Corps.

Now on to the bad. Seth-Grahame Smith has departed The Flash movie due to “creative differences” with Warner Bros. That’s a bummer, but now there’s word that James Wan, who is set to direct Aquaman, might depart as well. This is due to Zack Snyder fighting with Warner Bros. execs about how they want the Justice League movie to be treated after the near miss that was Batman v Superman. If all this is true, the DCEU is in a somewhat hard place, so let’s hope it’s not true, or they resolve this conflict.

Remember, most of this info is rumors, so don’t get too crazy just yet.

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