May 07

Ben Affleck ‘Unhappy’ with Batman v Superman Reception as if That Wasn’t Obvious

Ben Affleck 'Unhappy' with Batman v Superman… by filmjunkee

BREAKING NEWS: AN ACTOR WHO WORKED VERY HARD ON A BIG PROJECT NOT HAPPY ABOUT THE BAD RECEPTION! Come on. Any actor would be unhappy with a bad reception. No actor wants to make bad movies, especially a movie like Batman v Superman. The reception was bad, and now I keep seeing posts about how “incredibly unhappy” Ben Affleck was with it. The guy has that Daredevil monkey on his back, so promoting Batman v Superman as a better film, and it getting a huge backlash, would make anyone unhappy. I’m not even posting the source of all this because it’s the same source that keeps adding to the Warner Bros/DC drama.

I’m not negating that there is drama, but I’m loving that Ben Affleck is having more creative control for The Batman and Justice League. Zack Snyder needs to be put in check slightly, because his vision of movies doesn’t always translate to audiences. Stop the madness.

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