May 13

New Justice League Rumors About Darkseid, and Willem Dafoe, and More

New Justice League Rumors About Darkseid, and… by filmjunkee

The Justice League rumors keep on flowing, and sources Heroic Hollywood and Birth.Movies,Death apparently have those scoopers scoopin’. First off, Willem Dafoe might be an¬†Atlantean instead of the popular vote, Doctor Fate. The next bit of rumors suggest that even though Steppenwolf will be the big baddie in the first part, Darkseid will have a presence because apparently a war was fought 30,000 years ago with him, man,¬†Atlanteans, and Themyscira. Three Mother Boxes were left on Earth that of course will play a huge part in the story. We already saw one of them in the Cyborg footage in Batman v Superman.

Also, Black Canary is suppose to make an appearance in tat war, or at least an ancestor. That means the actual Black Canary will be present which is way out of left field.

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