Spider-Man Merchandise and Homecoming Characters, Suit Mod and More!

Spider-Man Merchandise and Homecoming… by filmjunkee

Tons of Spider-Man goodies here, guys. First, we have Spider-Man merchandise from Captain America Civil War to gaze at. I want the shirts.

Now we have Joblo with a scoop on Spider-Man Homecoming. Michael Keaton is back in talks to play the villain role in the movie, which everyone is pointing towards him playing Vulture. But according to Joblo, Vulture is not the only villain in the movie. The Tinkerer will also be in the movie working with Vulture, creating his armor from the Chaturi Tech from the first Avengers movie. Spidey will also see a mod to the new suit he got from Tony Stark, and one specific mod is the infamous web wings. Spidey wore wings at one point in his career, and apparently they will be brought back. Before you cringe at that notion the wings will be able to deploy when he needs them, so he won’t be wearing them all the time. Works for me.

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