Peter Parker had a Cameo in Iron Man 2? (Fan Theory)

Peter Parker had a Cameo in Iron Man 2? by filmjunkee

Fan theories can be fun. Fan theories can make a lot of sense. Some fan theories, like the Joker is Jason Todd theory, reach ridiculous levels of stretching. Apparently there has been a fan theory that Peter Parker has already been seen in a MCU movie. That movie being Iron Man 2.


The climax of Iron Man 2 takes place at the Stark Expo when the drones Vanko built start wreaking havoc on everyone. A little boy with an Iron Man mask stands his ground in front of one of the drones before Iron Man swoops in to save him. The theory suggests that this boy is Peter Parker.

This theory actually checks out, and even though this might not have been their intent because they didn’t have the Spider-Man rights yet, the age of this boy is around 9-years old. The events in Iron Man 2 take place about 6 years before Civil War which would put Parker at that age. The Stark Expo also took place in Queens which is where Parker is located. We know that he is a big fan of Tony Stark, so there’s no reason why he wouldn’t beg his parental units to take him. Again, this was most likely never the intent but they could use it for Spider-Man Homecoming if they wanted to.

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