Jun 25

Deadpool 2 Filming Discussed and Deadpool Shows Up in X-Men Apocalypse Trailer

Deadpool 2 Filming Discussed and Deadpool Shows… by filmjunkee

Simon Winberg discussed the status of Deadpool 2 recently with Collider, shining some light on when the sequel will begin production.

The guys Wernick & Reese are working on the script, and we hope to have the script very soon. We hope to shoot the movie sometime at the beginning of next year.

There is an October 6, 2017 set at Fox for one of these movies, so possibly Deadpool 2 could take that date. Most likely it will take the March 2, 2018 which is fine. Take your time.

Check out Deadpool at the end of the Japanese X-Men Apocalypse trailer.

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