New Wonder Woman Footage Description for Comic Con

New Wonder Woman Footage Description for Comic… by filmjunkee

This year’s Comic Con should be pleasing for us nerd boys and girls out there, especially for the DCEU. One particular aspect we are looking forward to is more Wonder Woman footage. The website has apparently seen the footage already and I had Google do their best to translate their description from Italian. Enjoy.

It opens with one of the scenes that have already been shot in the network , that of Gal Gadot horse, taken from a drone over his head while under her instead has a grassland in a cloud day. It is the DC style to film how the set Zack Snyder : dull, leaden and epic , the same that we will find in the new scenes in what looks to all intents and purposes as a featurette Wonder Woman shown during the convention Warner Cine (the event in which the distributions show exhibitors their lists of films for the rest of the season).
The rest of the video shows in fact some scenes of the film interspersed with interviews to the producers and backstage scenes. The film , as we know, tells Wonder Woman during the First War World, expands that is the picture of her in black and white that you see in Batman V Superman , to tell the story of how she came among men, how he found citizenship in our world.
The story, in more detail, will be that of an American soldier ( Chris Pine ) who arrives on the island of Diana, there will come into contact with what we understand to be the salvation of humanity, that is a heroine in a position to help them (not we saw the scenes the way).
The soldier will take Diana in the midst of civilization and teach you what are the men. This part seems very important, so it can tell by how much emphasis is given in the interviews and in producers' declarations. We see Diana in period costumes (as already shown in scenes already online), we see even in rich clothes during parties and amorous events, we see especially with admiration wonder looks.
Unfortunately they help us a lot less of the backstage images that must be said, like all backstage are fairly generic and not give way to understand how will the film , while those few who see the film actually have so the tone of the other films marked DC Snyder but absolutely no pace or rhythm, that is, have the photograph but not the breath. This appears to be both good and bad at the same time, a little 'because something you lose it and a little' because instead it seems that Wonder Woman (the film ) really has its own personality. But be careful! We are talking about a judgment given on the basis of a handful of scenes unconnected, really it's just an impression, no different from what you would seeing half of a trailer.
Another part of the story that seems very important, at least in intention, is what Diana is divorced mankind. 
Described as extremely pure, good and charitable heroin will immersed in a world unknown to her, one that will be expected to test all this purity. Must know something that is far away and from which, we understand from satisfied stupor images that follow, the charm.
To anyone fearing that the film proves to be an opera or drama, we can say that while the interviews spoke of purity scenes only showed d 'moments action . We saw Wonder Woman cover themselves with the shield by bursts of bullets (beautiful scene in which you feel well the violence of the slamming of the bullets on the shield, the pressure they exert like raindrops giants horizontally), we saw her run to armed horse sword against armed soldiers instead of rifles and only occasionally being dressed in civilian clothes (vintage) in what looks like a secret identity (deliciously highlighted by a pair of goggles Clark Kent, as already shown online).
Much of the film should therefore be occupied by the war and the role in it have both the soldier Chris Pine (we see him stealing planes, jumping horse, defeat enemies and bandage the wounds) is obviously Wonder Woman . Curiously, in the view the two images are never together when the battle rages. If there is a romantic line between them you have never even specified neither one could guess from the pictures, certainly if there was it would be a quite unique case.
Instead, what precisely was not possible to understand is perhaps the most interesting part, that is what this character of a superhero film dedicated to him (something that Marvel, cartel had features like Marvel Studios, still has not managed to do) a successful female character, and how much risk seeing a male hero in women's clothing.

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