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New Star Wars Episode VIII Rumors About Rey’s Dream and Returning Character

New Star Wars Episode VIII Rumors About Rey's… by filmjunkee

New rumors are coming out of the Star Wars world about Episode VIII, and like always take them with a grain of salt. First off we have a rumor that Episode VIII will dive deeper into Rey’s dream sequence which raised a crap ton of questions about her, Kylo Ren, and Luke Skywalker. Apparently there were a bunch of young kids brought in as Luke’s Padawans that were killed by Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren. Sounds dark.

As we have heard the rumor, a sequence appears to involve Rey, Luke Skywalker, Artoo, Kylo Ren and dead bodies of youthful characters. An inactive adult Rey at the scene makes us think this is probably a continuation of the flashback sequence Rey began on Takodana. Rey appears to be a bystander, making us think this is her vision of the past seen from her perspective. 

Next, we have a redditor who attended the Star Wars Celebration in Europe, and he had this to say about what he heard:

Hi all, I went to Star Wars Celebration in Europe this year and went to several panels, but spent most of my time on the con floor (due to the ridiculous queuing system for main panels). First of all, a confirmed spoiler (which many of you may already know), is from Rian Johnson himself. Rian was at the Future Filmmaker’s panel, and confirmed that Star Wars Episode VIII would be the very first Star Wars film not to begin in space – instead it will begin immediately after the last film finished, with Rey and Luke. Now, for the other, spoiler. One of the many stalls featured at the convention was Saving Yoda, ran by one of the original team operating Yoda in ESP. While waiting to have my photo taken with the Yoda puppet, the dude running it was talking to another guy. The random guy asked which Yoda puppet was currently on display. In response, we were all told that the one on display was puppet 2 (I think, I can’t quite remember exactly). He looked at both of us, and said that members of the original Yoda team have been called in to work on episode 8, using the Yoda 8 puppet, as they’d all recently been talking about it. He’d have no reason to lie. So I just thought that was quite interesting! Sorry that I can’t remember the exact puppet numbers for the Yoda, but hey ho. I thought it was pretty cool! 

Source: Latino-Review

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