Oct 01

Ben Affleck Talks Tactical Batsuit and Solo Batman with J.K Simmons

Ben Affleck Talks Tactical Batsuit and Solo… by filmjunkee

Ben Affleck has been doing some talking about the tactical Batsuit for Justice League, as well as the solo Batman film we are all dying for. J.K. Simmons also gave humorous rebuttal to what Affleck has to say about movie directors.

Movies are all about the director. I’ve learned that, finally. When you work with a director, you’re on his or her ship. You’re going in that direction. Your job is to be creative and bring forth your ideas, but to fulfill this person’s vision of how they’re telling the whole story. You have a silo that you’re responsible for in your performance. For me, it’s about getting as in tune with a director as possible. You’re making their movie… The nice thing about acting is that, if the set falls down, you can just go back to your trailer. Things are not my problem.


I’m trying to wrap my mind around the whole “director is god” thing. There might be some of that going on in the future. Wow. What am I in for?


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