Feb 22

Deadpool 2 Script in the Hands of Drew Goddard and Joe Carnahan Penning X-Force Script

Deadpool 2 Script in the Hands of Drew Goddard… by filmjunkee

Deadpool 2 should begin production this Summer, but apparently the script isn’t finished yet. You won’t hear that the movie is in trouble, because it’s not in the DCEU. Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Warnick have penned a script but Drew Goddard has been brought on board to finish it up with Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds just tweeted out that Reese and Warnick are still the core and are very much involved.

Joe Carnahan has been brought to write the X-Force movie which is very random. I get Fox wants that movie to get kicked into gear, but Carnahan just announced that he is remaking The Raid, and it was also announced he was helming Bad Boys 3. When does the guy find the time?

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