Mar 18

Joe Manganiello Responds to Deathstroke Batman Question that will be Taken Negatively

Joe Manganiello Responds to Deathstroke Batman… by filmjunkee

Well here’s a response from Joe Manganiello about his Deathstroke in the upcoming Batman movie that won’t be taken positively. While promoting the new Surfs movie on Pittsburgh Today Live, the lady at the end asks him about him playing Deathstroke in Batman. Joe kind of pauses and responds with, “Umm. Maybe. We’ll see.” Check the video down below, but yeah, sites will run rampant with that saying he’s not sure now after we heard The batman script will get completely rewritten. Judge for yourself. I’ll still remain optimistic.

Joe Manganiello on Deathstroke in The Batman… by BatmanNewsCom

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