Details on Spider-Man’s Suit Upgrades in Spider-Man Homecoming

Details on Spider-Man's Suit Upgrades in Spider… by filmjunkee

Spider-Man is getting some nice little upgrades for Spider-Man Homecoming courtesy of Tony Stark. Not only is he getting a parachute, a heater, an airbag, the ability to light up, and a tracking device for Iron Man to find him, IGN had this to give us:

He’s not used to working with an artificial intelligence the way Tony Stark is, so when Peter asks for directions on how to get somewhere, for example, the AI responds by wanting to know if he’ll be driving, or walking.

Web Shooters upgrades: adjusting the spread and type like the swinging web, web ball, ricochet weba web that functions like a Taser, one that shoots multiple webs at the same time, and so on.

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