Nov 29

Batman Tactical Suit and Parademon Early Concept Art for justice League Revealed

Jerod Marantz posted some early concepts for Justice League on his Instagram recently, showing us what a Parademon could’ve looked like. It’s pretty scary, but I’m glad we got what we got. He also posted the tactical Batsuit for Batman and it’s pretty much what they used.

#batman #tactical #conceptart for #justiceleague Always an honor to work on a bat suit. I had an incredible time working on the concept art for costume designer @michaelwilkinson in London with the amazing crew at #warnerbros #leavesdenstudios The artists on this show really brought it! Thanks to @brookedibbs @hodge1001 and Mark Trunk for being so friendly! I think I was in the Uk for a couple of months after working with the the great LA team: @constantinesekeris @pboutte @ianjoynerart @keltoncram Special thanks to Stephanie Porter the assistant costume designer that balanced her incredibly challenging job with babysitting me and making sure I didn’t get lost riding the tubes 😊 #dccomics #dccinematicuniverse #wonderwoman #cyborg #aquaman #theflash #steppenwolf #parademons #kirby #zbrush #costume #zbrushsculpt #keyshot

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