Jan 26

The Captain Marvel Costume. Thoughts…

The nerd internet blew up with the first sight of Brie Larson dawning the Captain Marvel costume and it went exactly how you’d think: DC fans shit all over it. Marvel Fans defended her honor.

It’s even been a bit of a struggle for yours truly as well, because I decided to not shit all over it. Being a DC fan and defender, I guess I was supposed to squat over these images of her and defecate.

Am I impressed with the costume? No. Was I hoping for better? Absolutely. But when it comes to costume reveals I don’t join the troll mob no matter which side it’s on. I’d rather just say, “yeah it’s not all great”, and then see it in action on the big screen. Sadly, that’s asking too much from fandom.

Costumes also evolve. And we got that concept art of Larson wearing the actual Captain Marvel Costume at Comic Con last year. She will eventually get there, so let’s be a little patient. The jokes have been funny though, but if I hear the CW stab again I might punch a kitten.

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