Jan 28

The Commissioner Gordon Line Edit to Batman in Justice League that Makes No Sense

It’s been over two months since Justice League hit the big screen and broke our hearts, and the WB hacks keep showing up. The Line Commissioner Gordon says to Batman in the trailer, “It’s nice to see you playing well with others again,” made Bat fans squeal as the word “again” indicated the extended Bat family. But WB wanted to crush those dreams and removed the word “again” in the theatrical release and that was just stupid.

So Gordon now has not seen the mid-40s Batman NOT play with others? He’s never had a sidekick? His daughter didn’t join in? That’s why I don’t understand why they chose to remove the line. We already know they’re planning on extending the Bat family so…why? More de-Snydering. This time trying to wipe the memory of a dead Robin we got a hint of in BvS.

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