Feb 01

Is that Ben Affleck in this Justice League Image?

Who is that? I mean, it looks like Ben Affleck, but it also doesn’t look like Ben Affleck? Crispin Glover? The official Justice League Twitter posted the image of Affleck dressed in his best Bruce Wayne attire which was the scene on the plane where he and Alfred start talking about getting the League together. The nose…that’s not his nose?

Now there’s theories that they used stand-ins sometimes for the reshoots, which would explain why Cavill’s hair looks funky in the Kent Farm scene. But giving that horribly shot scene (on a sound stage) another look I don’t believe they used a Cavill stand-in and pastels his stache-less face onto it. And maybe it’s just weird lighting making Affleck look Clayface trying to mimic Bruce Wayne.

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