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Dec 06

Justice League Opens Big in China and Finally Reaches $200 Million Domestically

Justice League is certainly struggling at the box office, but if you want some positivity, look to China. It opened in China at $98.6 million and eventually hit over $100 million. This makes it the biggest DC Film opener, so there’s that. It currently sits at $572 million, so it’ll definitely get over $600 million. …

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Feb 19

The LEGO Batman Movie Remains Number One – Box Office

The LEGO Batman Movie remains the Box Office champion as it went against three new movies over the weekend. The three movies didn’t really have a strong draw, even with star power, Matt Damon, for The Great Wall. It’s definitely a flop. 1 1 The LEGO Batman Movie WB $34,225,000 -35.4% 4,088 – $8,372 $98,791,314 …

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Feb 12

The LEGO Batman Movie Beats Out Fifty Shades Darker – Box Office

The LEGO Batman Movie was victorious over the weekend, and it looks like people weren’t all about Fifty Shades Darker like they were with the first movie. First movie made something around $85 million, so half the people came out this time. Still another movie coming. Source: Box Office Mojo 1 N The LEGO Batman …

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Dec 18

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Hits Domestic and Global Box Office Success

A tiny little movie titled, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, came out this weekend and as suspected, it blew up the box office. It didn’t quite make Force Awakens numbers, but it still raked in $155 domestically and $290 million worldwide. Safe to say that the Star Wars Anthology films are here to say. …

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Nov 27

Moana Hits Big at the Box Office while Doctor Strange Passes Global Milestone

It was a long Holiday weekend so many people ate their turkey and went to the movies. Moana of course was the big money maker this weekend with $81.1 million total over 5 days. Doctor Strange continues to pass other Marvel movies like Iron Man and Captain America, by passing $600 million in the global …

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Nov 13

Arrival Can’t Stop Doctor Strange Box Office Domination

Doctor Strange continues pulling in the money as it makes $153 million in two weeks domestically. Internationally it’s at $492 million. Yeah superhero fatigue. Doctor Strange                                     $43,032,000              $153,014,169 Trolls        …

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Nov 06

Doctor Strange Hits BIG at the Box Office

Doctor Strange Hits BIG at the Box Office by filmjunkee Doctor Strange is finally in theaters and it FLOPPED! Of course it didn’t and no one thought that it would flop. Not only did it exceed $85 million in the States, it has already brought in $325 million internationally. Well done. Doctor Strange     …

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Aug 21

Suicide Squad Wins Third Box Office While Ben-Hur Flops – Box Office

Suicide Squad remains on top of the box office as the Sumer blockbuster season comes to an end. The villain tale exceeded $500 million at the global box office so In guess you can say the movie had some legs. The three new movies that came out over the weekend couldn’t even get passed Sausage …

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Aug 07

Suicide Squad Hits Big at the Box Office

The negative reviews for Suicide Squad didn’t have any effect on the box office earnings as the villain based movie pulled in $135.1 million over the weekend. If that wasn’t enough it pulled in $267.1 million worldwide. It still doesn’t look like it will be opening in China, so hopefully the movie as legs. Suicide …

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Jul 17

Ghostbusters 2016 Underperforms while Secret Life of Pets Repeats – Box Office

Ghostbusters 2016 Underperforms while Secret… by filmjunkee The numbers are in, and many were anxious to see how well Ghostbusters was going to do over the weekend. Whether you loved it or hated it, the numbers tell us that it underperformed with $46 million and came in second to Secret Life of Pets. Many are …

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