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Jun 26

Independence Day Resurgence Can’t Take Down Finding Dory – Box Office

Independence Day Resurgence came out this weekend a week before the actual holiday weekend. I guess they wanted to build a crowd, but the big crowd didn’t show up to see the sequel 20 years in the making. It brought in $41.6 million which isn’t bad for your normal flick, but this is a blockbuster …

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Jun 12

The Conjuring 2 Kills While Warcraft Falls Short – Sunday Box Office

The Box Office has three new movies coming out this weekend, and it looks like people wanted to be scared more than impressed by magic and magic tricks. The Conjuring 2 took in $40.4 million which is unheard of for a horror sequel. James Wan is the man. The Conjuring 2         …

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May 22

Captain America Civil War Dethroned and X-Men Apocalypse Starts Strong Internationally – Box Office

Captain America Civil War hits second place this weekend giving the box office mantle to The Angry Birds Movie. Civil War still passed the $1 billion mark internationally bringing Marvel Studios its 4th billion dollar movie. X-Men Apocalypse made $103.3 million internationally over the weekend as well, so I’m looking forward to it…in a week. The …

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May 15

Captain America Civil War Brings MCU to Staggering Earnings Number – Sunday Box Office

Captain America Civil War continues to blow up the box office with a $72.5 million victory over the weekend. The movie has reached $940 million worldwide and with all that scratch coming it, the MCU has now made $100 billion total. That’s quite a number and there are still plenty movies to come. Captain America: …

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May 08

Captain America Civil War Hits Big at the Box Office – Sunday Morning Box Office

Captain America Civil War is finally released in the US, and it scored big with $181.8 million. Internationally it is now at $678 million in just two weeks. That’s pretty impressive, but I still don’t quite understand why they released it in the US one week late. Probably would’ve gotten closer to $200 million if …

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May 01

Captain America Civil War Opens Big Internationally while Jungle Book Continues Domination

Apr 10

Batman v Superman Doesn’t See a 3-Peat Box Office Weekend – Sunday Morning Box Office

Batman v Superman goes into its third weekend this time with a little competition. We were hoping for a three-peat box office weekend, but sadly was barely edged out by The Boss by about $50k. Tough loss, but the domestic box office total is almost at $300 million and that worldwide total is now at $783.5 …

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Apr 03

Batman v Superman Sees Significant Drop in Box Office – Sunday Morning Box Office

The Box Office numbers are in, and Batman v Superman, you guessed it, dropped significantly from last weekend. The haters are celebrating, while the people who liked the movie scratch their heads and say, “it’s almost at $700 million worldwide?” Yes, the worldwide tally for Batman v Superman is now at $681 million. The movie …

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Feb 28

Deadpool Three-peats While God of Egypt Negative-peats – Sunday Morning Box Office

Deadpool continues to dominate the box office by taking in another $31.5 million over the weekend. Break out the chimichangas. 1 1 Deadpool Fox $31,500,000 -44.2% 3,856 +134 $8,169 $285,639,009 2 N Gods of Egypt LG/S $14,000,000 – 3,117 – $4,491 $14,000,000 3 2 Kung Fu Panda 3 Fox $9,000,000 -28.1% 3,296 -152 $2,731 $128,455,359 …

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Feb 14

Deadpool Shatters the R-rated Box Office Record! – Sunday Morning Box Office

There we go Hollywood.Time to open the flood gates for more R-rated comicbook characters. Deadpool diminishes the box office this weekend with $135 million shattering the all-time record for R-rated movies. Break out the chimichangas. 1 N Deadpool Fox $135,050,000 – 3,558 – $37,957 $135,050,000 2 1 Kung Fu Panda 3 Fox $19,650,000 -7.5% 3,844 …

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