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Nov 24

Hunger Games Catching Fire Catches Record Breaking FIre [Box Office]


Move over Twilight, Katniss and Peeta have now taken the pedestal for biggest opening weekend in November. Hunger Games Catching Fire hit $70.5 Million from Thursday night and Friday sales and didn’t stop until it hit $161.1 million for the weekend. The anticipated sequel now takes the coveted position as best opening in November that …

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Nov 17

Did Best Man Holiday Hammer Out Thor this Weekend? [Box Office]


This weekend only saw one new box office contender that is a sequel to a movie that came out 14 years ago. That is a terribly long time between movies, but going into the weekend, Best Man Holiday was tapped to take on Asgard. Surprisingly, it almost won the battle. Thor: The Dark World wins …

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Nov 15

2013 Summer Blockbuster Box Office Report Summed Up in this Infographic

The Summer blockbuster season saw some pretty big movies, and some pretty smelly stinkers. Dish Network designed an infographic to show us the winners and losers, but I question some of the losers. Iron Man 3 was of course the reigning champ of the Summer season with a staggering $174.2 million, with Man Of Steel …

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Nov 10

Thor Dominates the Box Office with His Hammer [Box Office]


Not that it is shocking to anyone, but Thor: The Dark World completely dominated the box office over the weekend, with an $86.1 million return. Many predicted it would get $95 million, but settling at $86.1 is not bad at all for the Demigod. Considering it already has earned $180.1 million internationally, another 86 mil …

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Nov 03

Ender’s Game and Last Vegas Square in First November Weekend [BOX OFFICE]


Ender’s Game s and Last Vegas are the newcomers this weekend, taking on the Jackass hit, Bad Grandpa, as well as the Gravity train that does not seem to want to stop. Ender’s Game had a pretty good opening night on Halloween which would then lead to a $28 million gross making it the reigning …

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Oct 27

Did Bad Grandpa Finally Bring Down Gravity? [Box Office]


Bad Grandpa is the fresh contender to take on the three weekend winner Gravity in the box office this weekend, and so was The Counselor. If you guys checked out my review of The Counselor, you can probably guess it was not going to be much of a contender for the space adventure. Bad Grandpa …

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Oct 20

Did Gravity Dominate for the Third Straight Weekend? [Box Office]


Moviegoers cannot seem to get enough of the space adventure that really features no gravity whosoever. Gravity remains number one at the box office for the third straight weekend, with the new movies not even coming close to it. ‚ÄúPeople have clearly gotten the message that 3D and Imax absolutely enhance the experience of seeing …

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Oct 13

[Box Office] Did Gravity Dominate the Weekend Again?


Not a shock that Gravity again took the box office gold this weekend again for the second week in a row. What is crazy is that it was $11 million shy of what it made in its opening weekend, which can be quite unheard of. The total the space adventure made was $44. 2 million, …

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Oct 06

[BOX OFFICE] Did ‘Gravity’ Break Records this Weekend?


Producing partners, Ben Affleck and George Clooney, went head to head against each other this weekend, and you can probably already guess who came up on top. You had one movie that looked simply dazzling even without the 3D, then you had a cliche, mediocre, gambling movie that starred Justin Timberlake. Never liked JT in …

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