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Jan 16

Disney ‘Browning Up’ Extras for Aladdin. Thoughts…

Disney has been accused of “browning up” actors for the Aladdin live-action movie. Here are my thoughts on the situation.

Jul 15

Live-Action Aladdin and Lion King Movies Get More Casting

Hugh Jackman is no part of the live-action Disney universe as he will be voicing Scar in the new Lion King movie. The go over to Aladdin where¬†Mena Massou will be playing Aladdin, Naomi Scott is playing Jasmine, and Will Smith will the the Genie. The Genie will be difficult to get by but they …

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Oct 10

Guy Ritchie To Direct Aladdin Live-Action Film

Guy Ritchie To Direct Aladdin Live-Action Film by filmjunkee This should not be a surprise. With the recent announcement of the live-action Lion King, Disney has decided to also bring flesh to their classic, Aladdin. That’s not the interesting part, though. Guy Ritchie will be the man in the director’s chair. His style is pretty …

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