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Aug 09

Suicide Squad – Spoiler Review

I did my spoiler-free reviews last Thursday, now it is time to review the movie in its whole. Saw Suicide Squad for the second time on Sunday so I can do a thorough job in this spoiler review. I probably missed some things because let’s face it: there’s a lot going on in this movie. …

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Jun 20

New Suicide Squad Character Posters, IMAX Poster, and Health Concerns

New Suicide Squad Character Posters, IMAX… by filmjunkee More Suicide Squad goodies have arrived, my friends. We got a new IMAX poster that features a Suicide Squad Cereal, and new character posters of the whole gang. We also heard from Viola Davis who plays Amanda Waller, and she talked about some health concerns on set. …

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Jun 10

New Suicide Squad Character Portraits and Two new TV Spots

New Suicide Squad Character Portraits and Two… by filmjunkee New Suicide Squad character portraits have surfaced showing the entire gang of the movie. Two new TV spots have also been released so have some fun.

Jun 17

Aquaman Details in Suicide Squad Revealed?!

Mar 26

Ben Affleck Drops Batman Reference to Senate! Amanda Waller Gets a Trophy!

Ben Affleck References .S. Senator Patrick Leahy as his “Batman co-star.” Leahy will make a cameo appearance in Dawn of Justice next year. • •• •• #batmanvsuperman #suicidesquad #arrow #theflash #gotham #dc #benaffleck #bvs #justiceleague #batman #superman #joker A video posted by Batman v Superman™ (@batmanvsuperman2016) on Mar 26, 2015 at 4:11pm PDT

Dec 21

More Suicide Squad Movie Details with The Joker and Harley Quinn!

Dec 16

Viola Davis Cast as Amanda Waller in the Suicide Squad Movie!

Jul 02

Three Rumored Villains for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice!


Why is that Batman v. Superman news always shows up late at night? Three rumored villains for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice have come about, and they aren”t exactly super-villains, but I kind of like them. Latino Review has been on top of Batman v. Superman news, and this rumored news comes from them. …

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