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Dec 09

More Captain America Civil War Shots with Thunderbolt Ross and Scott Lang

And there we go. That supposed LEAKED image of Scott Lang in Captain America Civil War was just part of these batch of new images. Thunderbolt Ross shows up as well, and there is still hope for Red Hulk

Dec 08

First Look at Scott Lang from Captain America Civil War!

So much was seen in that first Captain America Civil War, accepted for those superheros that are based on bugs. Yes, no Spider-Man which is fine, but where was Ant_man? The Civil War trailer at D23 had footage of Paul Rudd as Scott Lang in the trailer, but that was removed from the trailer the …

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Nov 10

Ant-Man Costume Concept Art Released

What could have been. Concept art for the Ant-Man costume has been released drawn up by¬†Andy Park. Just two drawings that are pretty similar to what the actual Ant-man costume turned out to be. I like what we got, but any one of these would’ve been suitable.

Oct 06

New Ant-Man Costume, Black Panther, and War Machine in LEAKED Civil War Promo Art!

New Ant-Man Costume, Black Panther, and War… by filmjunkee Check it out gang. Some new leaked promo art for Captain America Civil War that shows us Ant-Man’s new costume, which still looks like the original just more modernized. Then we also get a look at Black Panther and War Machine. Awesome stuff and then the …

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Sep 24

Original Wasp Concept Art Shows Up from Ant-Man

The Wasp from Ant-Man shows up in a new piece of concept art posted Marvel Studios Visual Development Supervisor, Andy Park. He couldn’t resist showing us the excellent design, and hopefully we will see more of it in the future.

Sep 19

Sebastian Stan Fires Back at Zack Snyder Ant-Man Comment and Fanboys Run Rampant

Oye. That’s how I started this post. With an “oye”. If you are looking at your feeds, you are seeing the word “beef” a lot probably, and when I saw all this come about earlier today it made my hangover headache worse. Sebastian Stan in a recent interview fired back at Zack Snyder’s comments about …

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Sep 10

Zack Snyder Talks More Batman in Batman v Superman and Jokes About Ant-Man

Zack Snyder Talks More Batman in Batman v… by filmjunkee Zack Snyder continues to address all the tasty rumors about Batman v Superman, this time addressing more Batman in the flick. He confirms that yes, there is more Batman in Batman v Superman, but not for the reason that spread around the digital streets. The …

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Aug 26

Watch Ant-Man Vs. Falcon because it’s Fantastic

Watch Ant-Man Vs. Falcon because it's Fantastic by filmjunkee We can now watch Ant-Man take on Falcon in a clip from the Ant-Man movie that is probably my favorite scene out of the movie. Humorous, intense, and well-choreographed, and I cannot wait to see more if this dynamic in Captain America Civil War.

Aug 09

Fantastic Four is a Fantastic Flop – Box Office

Aug 08

Captain America Civil War Hero Sides Revealed!

Captain America Civil War Hero Sides Revealed! by filmjunkee