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Oct 22

New Aquaman Set Image surface as Production Wraps

New Aquaman set images began to surface at the beginning of the weekend showing Arthur and Mera going for a swim. I don’t think they are actually going for a swim, but who wouldn’t want to swim in some Atlantean armor? Oh, and principal photography for Aquaman has wrapped. Holy mackerel, you scampi serious — …

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Aug 11

James Wan Talks About the Challenges of Shooting Aquaman

James Wan spoke recently about the technical challenges he is facing while shooting Aquaman. I mean, it’s characters that speak and move freely underwater, any director would avoid that. Wan hits it with full force, and uses as much practical effects as possible. It’s a very technically challenging shoot to be on. Working with water, and …

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Aug 05

Mera Gets a Rooftop Chase Sequence in New Aquaman Set Image

Looks like we’re going to get an intense rooftop chase sequence in Aquaman as new set image shows Mera being chased by Atlanteon soldiers on rooftops. I cannot wait toes this scene on the big screen.

Jul 18

Curry Lighthouse Possibly Being Built for Aquaman

Aquaman continues to film in the Land Down Under and new set images suggest that Arthur Curry’s Lighthouse is being built for Aquaman. The Curry Lighthouse is a landmark in the DC Universe, and if James Wan and crew are building the entire thing, I’m more excited for Aquaman. Source: Gold Coast Bulletin

Jul 07

Amber Heard’s Mera Deals with a Drunk in Aquaman Set Video

New Aquaman set video has surfaced on the good ole internet, showing us Amber Heard as Mera dealing with a drunk at Amnesty Bay. Can’t wait to see how this scene plays out.

May 28

New Aquaman Set Image Shows the King Talking to Mera

New Aquaman Set Image Shows the King Talking to… by filmjunkee We have new images from the Aquaman movie set. This time it seems to be from someone spying on the set. We see stars, Jason Momoa and Amber Heard, talking to each other. Wonder what Arthur is saying to his queen Mera.

May 22

First Aquaman Set Images and Video Surfaces

First Aquaman Set Images and Video Surfaces by filmjunkee We have our first wave of Auqaman Set photos and video, pardon the pun, that gives us a look at what’s happening in the land down under. James Wan and crew are busy brigngin us an awesome Aquaman movie, and I will post anything that shows …

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May 18

FIRST LOOK at Amber Heard as Mera on the Aquaman Set

Beauty queen. James Wan just took to Twitter to give us a good look at a wet Amber Heard dawning her Mera costume on the Aquaman set. She looks ripped right out of the pages of the books. Lady MERA swept in from the sea. First day with the exquisite Amber Heard. (Shot by the …

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May 15

Power Rangers Star Ludi Lin Cast as Murk in Aquaman

Power Rangers Star Ludi Lin Cast as Murk in… by filmjunkee Ludi Lin, who payed Zack the Black Ranger in the Power Rangers, has been added to the cast of Aquaman. He will be playing Murk, the leader of the Men-of-War for the Atlanteons and has been faithful to Orm for a time. Should be …

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May 11

Aquaman Movie Will Feature The Trench

Aquaman Movie Will Feature The Trench by filmjunkee Aquaman is currnetly in production right now and Superhero news got word that James Wan plans on brining the creatures of The Trench. Not only is that awesome but he also planes to use a lot of practical effects for the creatures. Meaning actors on stilts.